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Cynthia Armstrong     Red Bay Al
Chris worked for me in the dietary department of Generations, he was always smiling, hard working and kind to all he came in contact with especially the elderly we take care of on a daily basis. This earth lost a truly great man who will always be missed and thought of with respect.


Merrill Scott     Tupelo MS
Thanks Sgt Bell. You gave everything for our freedom.

SGT Christopher Bell of Golden, MS/Red Bay, AL
Died June 4, 2011 in Laghman, Afghanistan

Army Sergeant Christopher Bell was extremely well-liked by his fellow soldiers in the 164th Military Police Company. And it wasn’t just that they liked his personality or the way he always talked about his wife and daughter. They liked him for his passion. They respected him for his discipline. They followed him for his character.

“From the very beginning, Sgt. Bell demonstrated a maturity well beyond his years,” said his officer Captain Chris Gehri. “He demanded hard work, opportunities to grow and professionally develop, and held his peers accountable 100 percent of the time. Sgt. Bell thrived on all things Army. Disciplined, determined problem solver and critical thinker – these are the words and traits that will always resound in my mind when I think of Sgt. Bell. He never deviated from a standard.”

Staff Sgt Vincent Vetterkind remembered Sgt Bell this way. “He was one of the most passionate people I ever met in my life,” Vetterkind said. “His short-term goal was to be promoted to sergeant, which happened posthumously and his long-term goal was to be sergeant major of the Army, and I have no doubt he would have done it, absolutely none. He was a natural leader.”

Sgt Bell’s service wasn’t just remembered with words, he was also honored by his decorations, including the Bronze Star Medal for Valor and the Purple Heart. In 21 short years, he created a legacy of leadership for his fellow soldiers and a legacy of love for his wife and daughter.

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Army SGT Christopher Bell was known for his devotion to doing things right. It wasn't just something he applied to his life in the Army, but to his life at home as well.

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