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Patricia Freeman      Caledonia MS
Thank you Taylor for my freedoms. Thank you Jean Alice and Robert for your friendship. I think our boys are smiling down from heaven for the friends we have become.


Sue Moore-Hardy    Booneville, Prentiss County, MS
Salute To Our Veterans Who Have Sacrificed So Much For So Many.  May Our Heavenly Father Have A Special Place In Heaven With Him For All Of Them.

Army Corporal Robert "Taylor" McDavid
Died in Baghdad, Iraq on March 10, 2008

Army Corporal Robert “Taylor” McDavid III was accustomed to walking the streets of Baghdad, Iraq on foot patrol, even though his usual job was a tank operator. It was a part of his unit’s regular routine, getting up close and personal with the Iraqi people as a form of goodwill while they simply made their presence known to would be terrorists.

The setting allowed the soldiers to be close to the people they were there to protect. They often handed out candy to children and talked with people curious about the gadgets on their uniforms. There were Iraqi interpreters walking with them. The scene probably looked casual and light to the average person, but every member of Corporal McDavid’s team knew the dangers. They had all been shot at before.

On March 10, 2008, Corporal McDavid and his company were conducting just such a patrol in what used to be Baghdad’s most elegant shopping district. The day seemed just like any other as they chatted with one of the shop owners late in the afternoon.

As they spoke, a man in his 30s approached the group. He was wearing a vest packed with explosives but not no one saw it. The man started to talk to the group, then suddenly the suicide bomber detonated the bombs buried in his vest. The explosion killed five soldiers, including Corporal McDavid, and wounded three more. It was the deadliest day US soldiers had seen in Baghdad in almost a year.

The blast that rocked Baghdad that day also rocked Starkville, where Corporal McDavid called home. His father and mother, Robert and Jean Alice, lost a great son. His wife, Tiffany, lost a strong, loving husband. They were preparing to celebrate their second anniversary when he was to come home in July. His sister, Leslie, lost a brother that she admired. His nieces, Ellen and Elizabeth, lost an uncle who admired them. What seemed like just an ordinary day in Baghdad and Starkville, quickly became a painful one.

Taylor McDavid was someone who loved being with people. He was a member of several different organizations. He was a Shriner as well as a Mason. He had also been a member of the Famous Marching Maroons during his time at Mississippi State. He paid his own way through college, first at North Mississippi Community College then at Mississippi State, working hard to earn the money to get his degree. He didn't wany anyone else paying his way for him.

It was a character trait that Taylor McDavid carried into his Army life as well. He was a good soldier and proud of the work he was doing. In the end, Corporal Robert Taylor McDavid was willing to pay the ultimate price for the country he loved and the people he was protecting.

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Corporal Robert McDavid of Starkville, MS was a tank operator in the Army's 64th Armor Regiment.

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