In His Own Words: A Letter from a Marine
Marine SGT Jonathan Lambert
New Site, MS
Died June 1, 2003 in Iraq

Today's post is a letter written by Marine Sgt Jonathan Lambert of New Site, MS to the Banner Independent Newspaper of Booneville shortly before he was killed in Iraq on June 1, 2003 - nine years ago today.

Dear Sir or Maam,
I was born and raised in Northeast Mississippi.  I come from a good family.  I was raised in a middle class home in New Site and was taught my values by my mother, Becky, and my father, Johnny.  I have a sister, Misty, and I am the oldest.  My father worked hard to support all of us and my mother took care of us while she worked, also.  I went to school at Hills Chapel, Booneville High School, and Calvary Academy. I also went to NEMCC. I have a wife, Betty, and a daughter, Kinsey Jade, who live with me in Oceanside, CA.. 

I am a Marine.  I have been in the Marines for over eight years.  It has always been a dream for me to be in the Marines.  I love the challenge.  I continuously work and sweat for it. I feel that I need to give back to my nation what so many have gave before me.  I have an uncle, Carroll Brown, who was in the Marine Corps during Viet Nam.  His stories are what enticed me with the thoughts of being a Marine.

My occupation is wireless data communications.  I am hard and thorough with my Marines to make sure the job is done right.  Many other Marines depend on us for their survival in combat. I will not let them down. 

On March 22nd, my section crossed over into Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  We continued to advance for the next three weeks until we were at Saddam’s front door, Baghdad.  It was a hard battle with many Marines wounded or killed in action.  But this is what we had to do to protect your way of life.  Your freedoms, also.  This operation was history in the making.  This was the furthest the Marine Corps has fought a battle inland in the 227 years of its existence. 

I’m not writing to you to toot the horn for the Marine Corps, but many people look at the big picture and forget about what it took to make it.  It takes people dedicated to protect this nation.  I have respect for all services, law enforcement, and especially the firemen.  We know that this is more than a job, we do it for our children, grandchildren,  friends, and family.  To make sure that their future will be protected as ours is today.  So I say thanks to everyone who supports us.  Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  We are one family here, as we are back home. 

I have included a picture of me in front of a Russian made Type 54/55 tank that was destroyed by artillery by some of my fellow Marines using  radios that I manage.  It is located in Ad Diwaniyah, Iraq at about 180 miles south of Baghdad.  We are slowly making our way back home. Also, there is one with me sitting in front of  one of the thousands of murals of Saddam.  Thanks for your time.

Semper Fi,
Jonathan W. Lambert

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Marine SGT Jonathan Lambert poses in front of a mural of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, Iraq. SGT Lambert was praised by his superiors for his technical ability on the battlefield.

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Reader's Comments


Pam Presley Cousar     New Albany MS
Thank you so much Jonathan for your service ...So proud to hear the stories of our HERO'S !  God bless to family and Mom Becky !

Doris Mitchell     Amory, MS
Thinking of the family this courageous Marine left behind and thanks go to him for defending our freedom. May we never forget all the men and women that serve in  our Armed Forces.

Gary W. Hill     New Albany, MS
I just want to tell Jonathan's family how proud I am to have seved in the military with someone like Jonathan.  Although I was not a marine I am proud to know what a fine comrade in service Jonathan was.  Jonathan and his family will always be in my prayers.

Janet Boren     Booneville MS
Loved by many, missed by all.  Your courage and sacrifice cannot be measured.  Your life lives on through your beautiful daughter.  Semper Fi Jonathan.

Shirley   Floral City, FL
Thank you to all our service men and women for giving us the gift of freedom. God Bless You All.

MajGen Thomas L. Moore, Jr.  USMC (Retired)     Columbus, MS
Misty, I heard about your brother being honored today and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Jonathan's service to our Nation and the Marine Corps.  He seemed to be the kind of leader who excelled in our Corps and he clearly took great pride in what he was doing and in the fellow Marines he was serving with.  I appreciate the tremendous sacrifice you and your family have made.  It was my honor to serve with the outstanding Marines such as Sgt Jonathan Lambert...  You are in our thoughts and prayers today...

Kathy Thompson     Tupelo, MS
May God bless the Lambert family in this bittersweet moment....we sometimes forget that others are serving & protecting and losing their lives for our freedom. I personally say "thank you"!

Carol Martin     Atlanta, GA
Thank you Jonathan for making such an incredible sacrifice and keeping us free, I know your family must miss you dearly.

Amanda Michael     Baldwyn MS.
As the daughter of a WW2 vet, my heart was touched, and also swelled with pride to read of this young man's sacrifice.  My dad is still living and he very seldom talks about what went on during his time.  We, as American's need to thank God every day for the sacrifice these young men make for our country. We live in the greatest country of all and when we are threatened by terrorists, then it is time for action. These young men answered the call. Thank all of you moms, daughters, wives, and all others for raising young men and women who does this for us. Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Sharon Robertson     Woodstock, GA
Thank God for Marines like Marine SGT Jonathan Lambert who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for us and also for his family who have lost more than we can imagine.  God bless them all.

Linda palmer     Tupelo, MS
Thank you Misty for this heartfelt story.  I appreciate your brother's efforts and all our armed forces do to protect the USA and keep us safe and free.

Kay Vandiver     West Point, Ms.
I just want to say I have a lot of respect for those that have the courage to do what your Brother did. I know that your family has lost a lot, but I know that you have to be proud of who is, and what He gave for his Country. I will be thinking of your family.

Sandra Webb     Nashville,Tn
I'm so proud and thankful  we have service people like Sgt Lambert who love their country and are willing to work so hard and truly give their all, we all are so blessed. I also want to thank the families of our service people.

Kathy Hall     Maben, MS
I would like to say "thanks" to Misty's brother for helping keep our country FREE. I know he will hear this "thanks". My husband Retired Master Sgt. Gary W. Hill also served our country for 23 1/2 year in the Air Force. I sometimes feel that all our country does not support the Armed Forces of our Nation. So many have given their ALL to help keep us FREE. I hope and PRAY that all the members of ALL the Armed Forces are safe and supported. Again, THANKS TO ALL OUR SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN from the bottom of my heart. Kathy Hall

Tracy Hardy   New Albany MS
Another fine example of the caliber of person it takes to be a Marine and/or a member of our military. May God continue to bless this country and all our military forces and their families.

Patricia Freeman    Caledonia, MS
Multiple Line Textbox 1 What a wonderful letter Becky. I didn't know Johathan but I'm good friends with his Mom a fellow Gold Star Mom. Thank you for your sacrifice hero. Love you Becky.

Jill Self     Pontotoc, MS
Thanks for all you did to keep me free.

Susan Lippincott McReynolds     West Point/Starkville, MS
This letter brings tears to my eyes but honor to my heart to be an American.  Our servicemen and women put their lives on the line daily for you and I.  How many of us truly reflect on what that means?  God bless this man and his family who have lost their precious loved one.  Without soldiers like Sgt. Lambert I would hate to think of what our country would be.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Margaret Adams     North Carrollton MS
What an honor to be a Marine.  I know this family is so proud of this fallen father, son and brother.  We cannot thank you enough for the sacrifice Jonathan made for us and our country.

Brenda Davis     Goodlettsville, TN
Because of people like Sgt Lambert, I am able to live and breathe here in the USA. Thanks to all our service men and women, and the sacrifices that they make for us!

Ginger Pennington     Tuscaloosa, Alabama
It never ceases to amaze me how emotional I get when I read about our service men and women.    Their lives and their families lives are affected more than we can ever know on the pages we read.    The sacrifice that they and their families live can never be appreciated enough by us.  While we go on with our lives because they choose to serve and protect, they LIVE for us to have those freedoms.  It doesn't feel a fair trade.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Paula Dean     Jasper, Georgia
It is a pleasure and privilege to have read the life story of Sgt USMC Jonathan Lambert.  Misty, thanks for sharing this family moment with your Renasant Bank family.  We are blessed beyond measure to have men and women give the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Lanita D Goolsby     New Albany MS
It is an honor to know this young Marine. His story will forever live on. I work with his sister Misty and she is a joy. My own son serves in USMC and I too am a proud mom. Hoorah!!!

Kellie Arnold     Hendersonville, TN
I want to thank the family that raised a child with values and a commitment to serve.  I thank you Sgt Jonathan W. Lambert, USMC for the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  I will pray for the family that you left behind.

Gayle Johnson     Decatur, Alabama
Thanks so much for your service and for the ultimate sacrifice.

Danny Gladney     Aberdeen  MS
Thank you for the service rendered to our country.

Peggy Keeton     Decatur, Alabama
May God Bless each member of the Jonathan Lambert family.

Barbara Frazier     New Albany, MS
I am proud to honor those who gave their all for our country. I am well aware that our military troops, past and present, are the reason for our freedom. May God bless the families of all of our fallen soldiers.

Sandra McClure     Ecru, MS
We need to always remember the brave men and women who put their lives on the line daily for our freedom.  Men Like Jonathan, who was a dedicated Marine and gave his all for his country.

Leonora Moore     Nashville Tennessee
My heart goes out to this fallen soldier and his family, my prayer is that God continue to bless each and every one of you. May the peace of God be in your heart today, forever and always.